Lexy Reviews: Winter Smith: London’s Burning by J.S. Strange

Written by Lexy Hill

Winter Smith: London's Burning

Winter Smith: London’s Burning by J.S. Strange
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Self-published on 18th April 2016
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Goodreads Summary

A story of survival trust and fear.


The first in the series, Winter Smith is ripped from a rich lifestyle and forced to survive…


The zombie virus has torn through the world, and Winter and a group of survivors must get to the Thames.


Winter deals with the loss of her parents, the harsh reality of promised safety, and learns that not everyone can be trusted…


My Review

We received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Winter Smith is the debut novel and first book in a series from the 21 year old author, J.S. Strange. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book going into it. The blurb is quite vague, leaving it open for anything to happen, and I’d never read a book about zombies before so I didn’t have much with which to compare it.


Overall, I did enjoy this book and I do intend to read the sequel when it is released. I liked the story and the characters, for the most part. It made me feel excited, scared and ripped my heart open at points. Unlike some YA books, the story wasn’t ridiculously predictable. I never found myself thinking “this character is going to end up with this person”, “they’re probably going to die” or “this character is obviously going to do this”. There were points I was left staring at the page with my mouth hanging open in shock. This is a real plus for YA these days.


The characters are quite diverse; all brought together from very different lifestyles by the coming of ‘The Dead Years’. There is a lot of potential for character development in the coming books, so I am interested to see where that goes. I’m especially excited to see how sexuality is explored through the series, as we learn quite early on in the book that the protagonist is queer.


My main problem with this book was that the writing didn’t always flow particularly well.  Occasionally things got a little repetitive or unnecessarily drawn out and didn’t make the most sense, but that didn’t stop me enjoying the book much (although it may have slowed me down). I am hoping this is something that will improve throughout the series.


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