Grand Opening of The Bookshelf Club

Written by Jess

Welcome to The Bookshelf Club; your first stop for all things bookish! Be you an avid reader in search of your next page turner or an up and coming author after some publicity and an honest review!


It is, of course, 1st September and we couldn’t open up a bibliophile’s dreamland without mentioning the significance of this day. Harry Potter is without a doubt one of the most important works of fiction to arise from our generation and is in fact what brought the eight bookworms that run The Bookshelf Club together! Most of us met each other in the ‘golden days’ of 2011 Twitter when the Harry Potter fandom was hitting its peak on online social media, and we haven’t looked back since. (Okay, maybe that’s a lie! Maybe we like to reminisce about Twitter circa 2011 and how it was sunshine and rainbows and non-stop Harry Potter feels. But the fandom is still going strong and that’s all that matters.)


The Bookshelf Club will feature reviews from a range of different genres. Whether it be young adult high fantasy or domestic noir, there is sure to be a review here of a book that meets your tastes. We will also be hosting different events like giveaways, blog tours, cover reveals and much more so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with when the latest events are happening. The Bookshelf Club is open to review requests – from small indie writers to big bestsellers – we are more than happy to review them all should it catch the attention of a member of our team. If you would like us to review your book then please read our review policy and pop us an email.


As this is our very first post, we thought you may like to know a little more about those who run it.


Alys is the co-designer of our soon-to-be-released logo, currently studying graphic design at university. She devours books like her wine whilst taking photos of any cat she meets. She can often be found at Blackfriars station in London, crying over William Herondale.
A lover of anything Beauty and the Beast related, whether it be the original telling, the Disney adaptation or a recent retelling, Bee will relive that classic story over and over. She is currently studying for a Psychology degree and when she is not analysing the minds of others, she is getting into the minds of the characters of her debut novel. 
Graphic designer in training, aspiring to humbly but positively spread creativity into the world one design at a time, Elizabeth is the co-designer of our soon to be released logo. Living in Germany, she is the only member of the TBC family to not live in the UK but that doesn't stop her love for books and an eagerness to explore a new world each time she picks up a novel. The Harry Potter series was what began her journey into the fandom world, and it was where she fell in love with the magic of fantasy novels. She keeps a special place in her heart for a boy named Harry Potter, a warrior named Celaena Sardothien, a Hobbit named Frodo and a brave little girl named Lyra Belacque. Because with each story, she learns something new and with each character, they teach her valuable lessons to embrace into her own story, her life.


When she isn't taking stunning photographs of the German landscape, riding around on horses, or designing something that has her creative sides tingling, you'll undoubtably see Elizabeth most often filling up our Instagram feed.

If it's a punny review you are after, Emilie is the reviewer for you. She recently graduated from a degree in English Language and Linguistics and will have the light pressure of proof-reading most of our posts.
A serial bibliophile who barely finishes one book before starting the next. Having been trying to force multiple series on her friends for over two years (and finally succeeding) decided that what better way to unite them all than starting a website where they could gush about novels all day everyday.


Imi is going into her third year at university studying theatre and is proudly planning her third tattoo, all of which are literature quotes of course. She will probably talk about them a lot because having J.K. Rowling, Samantha Shannon and very soon Sarah J. Maas's words on her body is crazy exciting for her.


She has just been chosen to be an advocate for Samantha Shannon's series, The Bone Season and is beyond excited for all of the exclusive content to come (and of course, to share that all with you).

An aspiring writer who yearns to share the stories that flow through her veins like blood. For her, writing is the only form of self-expression in a world where dominant voices force shy girls to keep quiet. Writing is her purpose. Her words like footprints to her soul, its pages strewn with the wreckage of characters who have done nothing but exist. Her biggest goal in life is to complete a novel no matter how treacherous the waters.


Jess is known to read voraciously and treat books like cherished friends. She reads for the pure pleasure of having new worlds come alive in her mind, to tread in the footsteps of those wise and feared, to embrace and experience new dynamics, new characters, new life experiences. Her passion for literature led her to complete a BA (hons) in English Literature and an MA in Publishing.


Jess is the creator, designer and tech genius behind this website.

A crazy cat lady who likes stories that bring to light the little things in life. She loves fairy tales and if you bring up the 2015 Cinderella film she will likely cry. When she is not curled up on her bed with her cat trying to eat her books, she can be found editing her debut novel, which is something she never thought she'd say.

Kathryn is going into her third year of university studying English Language and Linguistics and can often be found getting geeky over the English language.

A fantasy enthusiast who for whatever reason, despite her protesting body, always reads on the floor. Outside of her studying Wildlife Conservation and Birds of Prey, Lexy works in a bar and often pours the wrong drinks because she's too busy daydreaming about books.

Together, we make The Bookshelf Club – a group of friends whole simply love books too much to ever shut up about them.

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