“Those who do not believe in magic, have never read a good book.
For a book is a gift you can open again and again.”

Professionally? Graphic designer. Aspiring to humbly but positively spread creativity into the world one design at a time. Privately? Bookworm and a professional fangirl in a constant state of wanderlust. Always eager to explore the world and the new world an exciting novel promises. As well as slowly plotting world domination with some kickass ninja moves, magic, mischief and mayhem!
My journey into the fandom world started with the Harry Potter series. It was where I fell in love with the magic of fantasy novels. I keep a special place in my heart for a boy named Harry Potter, a warrior named Celaena Sardothien, a Hobbit named Frodo and a brave little girl named Lyra Belacque. Because with each story, I learn something new and with each character, they teach me valuable lessons to embrace into my own story, my life.


During my spare time I like to ride horses, dabble in photography, and designing something that has my creative side tingling. I do like writing. I have never seriously focused on it like some of my friends who aspire to be authors. It’s something I always found myself falling back too. I enjoy the idea of writing and telling a story. However not so much in a novel sense but rather through blogs, reminiscing over fond memories or future ideas.


Favourite genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Crime,  Romance, Thriller, Dystopia, Science Fiction, Historial Fiction, Paranormal, Young Adult. Truthfully it is not so much the genre, but rather a story that has both an original plot and exciting world to it.


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